I’m a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

After attending Xamarin University courtesy of Xamarin, I am now proud to have passed the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer exam. The certification process consisted of attending 12 live interactive lectures online and an exam which assessed you on all content covered in the lectures and above.  The exam lasted for 3 hours and was made up of 150 questions based on all aspects of Xamarin, … Continue reading I’m a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

Home automation with Xamarin and SignalR

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or some time now I have been expanding my knowledge of developing software for mobile; and a few years ago I stumbled upon Xamarin (formally at the time known as MonoTouch).  I had developed some cool apps for clients using the product (including ING Bank, Leicestershire Tigers and more), and was able to leverage all of my past programming in C# to hit the ground … Continue reading Home automation with Xamarin and SignalR

Voice Recognition with C#

So been playing for the last 6 months on and off with Voice Recognition with C# for a personal home automation project I have named Jasmine. The solution works well, however I have had to go through quite a few API’s to get find the best approach.  I initially tried to use Microsoft Speech Recognition to achieve what I wanted, however I found that even … Continue reading Voice Recognition with C#