CCV – Chip & Pin Terminal – Activation Nightmare

So am currently finalising a large project for a full self-service solution for one of the company’s clients and the last part of the puzzle is integration of the Chip & PIN device provided by CCV.

The device came directly from CCV in Germany, and also arrived with no documentation other than a vendor protocol specification for EPOS integration via a link to a website – which is fine and no problem for us to integrate with.

The biggest headache however has been that the device is currently sitting on a screen stating that the device requires activation: “Inbetriebnahme erforderlich Aktivierung erforderlich Außer Betrieb” which a quick Google Translate means “Commissioning required, Activation Required, Decommissioning”.

Amazingly the manufacturer help-desk at CCV have not been able to provide any manual or advice as to how to activate or commission the device.  The client has not been able to provide this either, nor has their acquirer.  We even have commissioning cards for our other projects, however I’m absolutely amazed that they don’t provide any documentation as to how to activate and commission the device.

Overall – total nightmare – waiting for people to advise on something that’s probably very simple.  Hoping that this gets resolved very soon.