Working with the Verifone VX 820

So last week and this week I have worked on another solution for the sale of insurance through a self-service kiosk – a solution being delivered by the company I work for.

The part of my job that I do enjoy the most is playing with new hardware peripherals; there is always something fun about finding out how things work, and how people have structured an API.

Today I completed my development, and have got to play with a few new cash acceptance devices, including the Verifone VX 820.  A good device, however not the same quality as the Verifone Secura (which has officially gone end of life – meaning it can’t be used in new deployments).  We have switched over to using this new device (I say new, as in new to us), and it will work for deployments which are considered to be semi-attended.  We have also got an Ingenico unit for systems that need to be more tamper proof – indestructible.

The other aspect that I enjoy is the finishing of a project, the opportunity to rest (for about 10 minutes till I get moved on to my next project!)