Flora – Further Sadness

Very emotional this evening.  Have received the paperwork back for the claim on our pet insurance for the treatment of our dog Flora.  She sadly was put to sleep on the 03/10/2014.

Having to deal with the insurance aspect of things brings back all the emotions around the situation, and still raises questions about the Lepto4 Vaccine.  Although as a specialist in the field of medical science had stated to me, vaccination is not a 100% guarantee of protection against viruses and bacteria.

The Vet records show that “Flora tested POSITIVE for Leptospirosis despite 2 x L4 vaccinations earlier this year.  Adv we will report to manufacturer and possible VMD.”

For anyone else that has experienced this, the main purpose of this post was to state that vaccination is not 100% certainty of protection of your pet. I would still vaccinate my other dogs now and in the future.  It’s just unfortunately how the world works.

The paperwork has now been signed off by the Vet, and will now have to see if we are able to get any payment from our Pet Insurance company.  The total bill was near on £3,000, however our cover was only for emergency, so we will only be expecting a £500 contribution towards the fees (despite probably paying over £5,000 to the insurers over our pets lifetime).