Guinness in Dublin – Pitching for business

This was possibly the most testing two days of my life.

I set off at 6am in the morning on Wednesday, and arrived in Leeds for 12pm to pickup all of our demonstration kit.  I then received a mass input of HL7 training (wow how simple is HL7 – Health Level 7 Protocol).

After training I then set of to Wales with a work mate, to catch a ferry to Ireland.  We arrived in Dublin at 12am, and finally at the hotel at around 12.30am.

Being in Ireland, and Dublin none the less, sampling of Guinness had to be done.  We sampled several pints each, and I would have to agree that the Guinness in Dublin does taste better.

After our presentation the next day, we traveled back that evening, and led to a long drive to Swindon, followed back to base in Surrey, finally arrival time home 8am.