Flora - My beloved lab

Difficult Times – Leptospirosis

To say the last week has not been difficult would be a lie.  I recently, just 8 days ago had to battle with some very difficult decisions – which ended with me putting by beloved Flora to sleep.

Flora was an amazing dog, a Labrador with the most gentle temperament.  I will miss her so much, she was not even 10 years old.  We only realised something was wrong when we saw that she had symptoms of jaundice in the whites of her eyes, and she began being sick.  She rapidly came down with a mystery illness which later was suspected to be Leptospirosis – which she was against (the vaccine was given to flora 12 weeks before and was Nobivac Lepto 4).  She had major kidney and liver failure and deteriorated very quickly.

Since the loss of Flora – I had analysed every decision I made, and it has been a very emotional and upsetting time (something only other dog owners who have experienced the death of a loved animal would understand).

During the analysis and attempt to diagnose Flora’s illness, the vet refered her to a specialist (note 3 vets were involved in trying to save her), they sent away her blood to run a Leptospirosis test.  The result of this test usually take 5-7 days to come in, and in this case was not helpful in the diagnosis.  However the vets had their suspicions.

As of yesterday (Friday 12/10/2014) the test results finally came back, with some very worrying finding.  Flora showed positive test results for Leptospirosis, and specifically for Leptospirosis Grippotyphosa, the most concerning part of this is that the Nobivac Lepto 4 vaccine was engineered to provide protection against this bacteria, and in this case it didn’t work.

The vet is now in communication with the manufacturer of the vaccine to see if this vaccine has any similar reported cases etc… I am awaiting to hear further news.

The specialist who our dog was refereed to provided a summary report back based on the findings above, and advised that through reading a recent paper in the medical journal of veterinary internal medicine, 3% of client owned dogs tested positive to Leptospirosis after vaccination.   However her last comments advised that give the light of the clinical presentation and biochemical abnormalities noted in Flora’s case, there is a high clinical suspicion for Leptospirosis.

The whole situation after this news has become even more upsetting, to think that my dog was supposed to be protected against a bacteria, specifically one that the Nobivac Lepto 4 vaccine was engineered to protect against, and it failed.  The test results showed that she had a positive reading of over 800 in her results, where 100 would be a negative result.

Has anyone else suffered the same loss, with the Nobivac Lepto 4 vaccine?

As and when further information comes to light, I will update this post.