Road Trip across Europe – Presenting solutions in Europe

Boss:  We need you in Germany to present our solution!
Me:     Sure, would love too.
Boss:  But you have to drive, and I will fly!
Me:     Oh!

So had to give a presentation to one of our European clients, to pitch a self-service unattended solution for their business – however it required that I travel to Germany, specifically Cologne.

I would have been able to fly there directly, however due to the fact that we needed to transport a kiosk, and other large hardware, I ended up driving the journey from our offices in Surrey, all the way to Cologne.

The journey wasn’t as bad as I thought, firstly driving through France, then Belgium and finally arriving in Germany.  My French is far better than my German, however I certainly got confused with the language in Belgium – they speak different languages dependent on where you are.

Needless to say, the presentation went well, and we won the business.  The solution was to show remote advisement with two-way video chat on a kiosk, with a safe controlled by a remote operator.