Self Service Vehicle Insurance – Allowing customers to purchase insurance policies on kiosks

One of the projects I have been working on recently has been a kiosk solution for the sale of insurance from self service kiosks.  The solution I have developed has been created in WPF and C#.

The solution has been designed to work in a standard client / server architecture, and on the kiosk side works with the following devices:

  • MEI SC Advance – A full on note acceptor that can be used to collect notes in multiple currencies.
  • MicroCoin SP – A simple coin acceptor that when combined with kiosk hardware can have the coinage placed into a secure coin bag.
  • Verifone VX 820 Card Reader –  A standard EPOS style card reader which allows chip and pin payment.
  • A kiosk A4 receipt printer – Used to print the temporary policy whilst their policy is fulfilled through a back-end system.

Typically we would usually program in a change mechanism, however the client decided to avoid the additional costs of this hardware, and got us to create a cash acceptance only / card payment solution.

The solution has been very simple to develop, mainly due to the experience with working with these devices before, and having built up class libraries over the past for this exact scenario.

Looking forward now to the solution being deployed, and seeing how well it is used.